Shab E Miraj 2018

Shab E Miraj 2018 would be celebrated all over the world by the Muslim people on 12 April Thursday to 13 April Friday.

Shab E Miraj

Shab-e-Miraj is also known as the Lailat al Miraj during which the Isra and Miraj of the Prophet Muhammad is celebrated. Isra and Miraj is also known as the Al Isra’ wal Miraj which is celebrated by the Muslim people every year on 27th day Rajab month (Rajab is the 7th month of the Islamic calendar). This festival is celebrated to commemorate the night when Allah took the Prophet Mohammad to the heaven after completing the journey of Mecca to the Jerusalem.

Custom and Tradition of Shab E Miraj

The customs and tradition of celebrating this festival varies among Islamic communities. Some people celebrate it by spending whole night in listening or reading the Isra and Mi’raj story at any of the mosque or home. They decorate their houses and whole area of the celebration with the candles, electric lights and many other means. They also prepare some delicious foods, sweets and etc to celebrate their festival with great joy and happiness. Elder people of the family or community vastly explain the Mohammad’s life story to their children and other family members.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Prophet Mohammad lived in the region of Saudi Arabia during 570 CE to 632 CE and took by the Allah to the heaven during 620 CE. His first part of journey called as Isra (from Mecca to mosque) second part of journey called Mi’raj (from mosque to heaven). Both of his journeys are commemorated as the festival of Isra and Mi’raj by all the Muslim community worldwide.

Significance of the Shab E Miraj

After one year of his journey from Mecca to Madina, he had unique experience at 27th night of the month of Rajab and became famous in the history of Muslim religion. He was taken for the night journey from Mecca to Aqsa Mosque of the Jerusalem and then by the God to the heaven where he met with other Prophets and see heaven, hell and human being fate after the “Day of Judgment”.

The night of Ascension or Miraj of the Prophet is celebrated by the Muslim people with lots of joy which is of great significance for them as they all blessed with big rewards and blessings of their Almighty. They spend their whole night through worshiping God, praying for forgiveness, divine mercy and true love.

They start this festival celebration by remembering their God from the very evening and offer Magrib and Isha prayers up to the morning. All the believers perform their prayers five times a day, offer Tahajjud means late night prayers and eat food. 27th day of the Rajab is celebrated as the grand day of the Meraj means “Grand Eid” to remember the Holy Prophet Muhammad.